Saturday, 25 February 2017

PC choices!

Two news items caught my eye and made me sigh this morning.
"The next Doctor Who should be black or female. "
A stained glass window in Bristol cathedral should be removed because it celebrates the life of a slave trader.
Recently too the statue of Cecil Rhodes was attacked in South Africa and students want it removed.
I understand that in our past History there are people who have done and said appalling things but the attempt to write them out of  History is surely wrong. No doubt some of our present day decisions will be judged wrong in the future but they are our preference not theirs.
The politically correct brigade have always depressed me.
It's attempt to rewrite history is particularly worrying.
Of course things happened in the past that we now regret...but the fact that they did happen should remain as reminders and hopefully prevent the same things happening again!
I really don't care if Doctor Who is female or black or both...I just want the best person for the job to be appointed...
Can we get back to common sense sometime soon?

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Thoughts on cruising.....

Brochures have been arriving this week. Once you've done one cruise hopeful cruise lines join in with alacrity.
Mostly I chuck all the new catalogues away after they've thudded onto my doorstep.
One different sort of cruise caught my attention this week...
I've never done river cruising.
I have looked through and what is available looks wonderful.
Drifting along the Seine, stopping to taste the wine, being very close to city centres and huge cathedrals....the brochures are very attractive and I have been tempted!
At home in February almost anything would be a temptation but I've not thought before about cruising a river!
I went through, marking some pages as possible, choosing not to fly if possible.
Another criteria is the length of the's hardly worth the effort involved for a few days...
I have marked a couple up and then realised that they would involve a very long drive to get to Folkestone!
The fact that the firm offers to pick me up to get me there helps a bit....but not much...
I chose to live here in beautiful Cornwall but it is a long way from anywhere else...
I am told though that Brittany ferries run a good ship ....the cruise people might think about this one...
Meanwhile it's back to the catalogues....outside is windy and wet...a bit of escapism is very attractive right now!

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Sad election result.

I am feeling sad for the Labour Party this morning. I have listened to several explanations for their defeat in the by election yesterday.
I don't blame Jeremy Corbyn, it is one more example of people voting for change...
People feeling unsettled by the cataclysmic events in the world are voting in the hope that if they vote for something different a brave new world will emerge.
It's not a good time to be a leader of anything right now.
The growth of UKIP , a party based on people's dislike of immigration, of having to share their comfort zones with people fleeing from war torn countries is worrying me even whilst I can understand it. Voting for any party with negative for me a puzzle .
I left the Labour Party when Tony Blair led us into waging a war in Iraq on a lie. There were no weapons of mass destruction!
Many of today's problems are I believe the result of that folly.
Believing that we have the right to interfere with the way another country is running can never be right, no matter what the provocation .
The only Party that answers most of my hopes for the future is the Green Party....and they have just one MP!
The world is changing...and we have no option but to change with it..
I am fastening my imaginary safety belt .
It's going to be a bumpy ride!

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Time whizzing by!

How did it get to the Sunday before Lent?
Time is whizzing past at the rate of knots...
Following my statement that I was in danger of becoming a recluse , normal life has resumed at an extraordinary rate.
I had supper last night with two old friends one of whom had been the councillor for hereabouts. He gave me some of excellent advice on the subject of the hole containing the sewage pipes...
I have talked to a lot of people on this subject all week....and the two people who have bought the house most affected by the huge hole close to their garage arrived yesterday.
On Sunday I am doing a service in the far flung fishing village I enjoy going to very much....
On Sunday night I am going to a play put on by an enterprising professional group calling themselves "Owdyado."
People are popping in , the phones ringing....usually to tell me that I need a new boiler....five of those yesterday....another one arrived whilst I was's an urgent announcement for people on benefits! What?
Invitations to go out somewhere are arriving daily...
It's definitely Spring...bring it on Lord!

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

First episode...immigration.

Watching the first episode of The West Wing I once again caught up with the various characters and their speech.
Neither of my husbands liked West Wing....they found the dialogue too difficult to follow and there were too many characters had to have a good ear to follow it very often.
I have enjoyed it for years....mostly on my own....
But I hadn't ever realised the significance in the first act.
Martin Sheen , the newly elected president walks into a room of journalists and religious leaders to be told that a small group of little boats had left Cuba and was heading for Miami....the group were looking for ways of sending them back when the President spoke,
"These people set out in small boats to cross a dangerous ocean, risking their lives, carrying their few possessions to get here. They didn't do it for anything other than that they want new lives, and they want them here. Don't stop them."
That established, they dispersed....but in the light of what we are seeing now in the White House it was a pretty amazing start in direct contrast to Pres Trump.
The difference is that West Wing is a work of fiction written by Aaron Sorkin . The present president believes the direct opposite as we know..
I was struck by the coincidence that both the real president and the fictional one both addressed the immigration problem early in their presidency but with totally different ethics.
Fiction does reflect real life sometimes.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Back to the West Wing.

It's grey outside...this is a reflection of my present mood.
All sorts of tiny problems are taking centre stage in my head at a time when I have other things to do...
My new neighbours arrive this morning and I shall be very glad to see them....
My diary is filling up day by day as old friends plan lunches out and visits to interesting places...
And yet I stay fairly pensive for no good reason....
What's going on in the world has affected this mood.
Famine, caused by war is killing children in Sudan.
A battle to regain Mosul still rages.
I have lots of good things happening and I don't spend my day in misery and yet the feeling grows that we are living through a massive period of change..
I have gone back to an old habit...the box sets!
It's easier to watch soap on the TV.
The West Wing is once again performing the role of comfort blanket. When all else fails watching this wonderfully scripted series entertains and occasionally enlightens...
In this Trump debacle it is good to return to another time reflected with excellent dialogue, familiar characters and interesting plots.
I hope this feeling of being slightly at sea in the world is just me...but I suspect many of us have the same worrying disjointed feeling.
But it is now Spring here!

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Changing worlds!

The world as we know it has become a place of uncertainty. Everything is subject to change...and this is the nature of evolution....but the rate at which change is happening now is startling in the extreme.
One of the reasons for this is that due to modern technology we are aware of everything that happens around the world.
This morning I have watched a clip of Kim Jon Nam being murdered!
Seen Trump in full flow about Sweden....and then the Swedish response to it...
This weekend we saw Tony Blair trying to rally us into resisting Brexit...
A war being fought to regain Mosul is being waged against Isis with great loss of life.
It is all the stuff of nightmare. And a nightmare we are all involved in due to television and wifi easily viewed in our homes....
I lived through the last war as a small child. I saw Swansea burning one night with the sky bright red....
But this time there is a real feeling of change affecting everyone.
It is a much smaller world we are sharing now and change is inevitable.
But learning how to accept it , embrace it, enjoy it is proving hard for many of us...
Events now....just over this weekend would have been unthinkable this time last year...
I pray for a good outcome for us all....Lord hear our prayer!

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