Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Inanimate objects seem to be ganging up on me at times. I know things don’t really have their own agendas but sometimes it does feel like it.
Yesterday was the turn of my chair lift.
I don’t use it much myself but whilst I am getting ready to travel it takes all my heavy cases both up and down the stairs as well as my laundry basket.
So I shouldn’t have been surprised yesterday to find that it couldn’t get up the can get nearly to the top but fails at the last yard!
All sorts of stupid tests show that if I’m sitting on it it goes up. If I’m calling it to come up to me it doesn’t want to know.
The people who installed it are going to ring me this morning......
Meanwhile I have taken my big suitcase downstairs whilst it was empty....just in case!
I know my friend Ray is convinced that things have independent lives of their own and I’m starting to be equally convinced....the timing of this small glitch , playing up at a time when I need it most suggests some malevolence...I block these thoughts as being ridiculous...but the timing of this is weird...
My big suitcase...empty as yet now sits in my husbands office waiting....
I will put stuff on the chair and send them works fine going far.
It’ll be interesting to hear what they say when they ring me...I will have to be careful what I would be much too easy to get written off as a balmy old woman.... well ......

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Getting sorted!

The sun is shining. There is one line of snow still sitting on top of the fir hedge running along the road outside. Several people have rung me to make sure I’m alright. I am.
The packing has started...but I spent far too much time yesterday searching for a nightie!
My favourite nightie has gone missing. As I wore it on the last cruise I can only assume it has found a new home on the Queen Elizabeth!
Getting all the nitty gritty sorted out before travelling is going to take time...but now I can say..."This time next week I shall be on my way!"
Digging out summer clothes always feels surreal during the packing process..
Once we set sail from Southampton it takes a couple of days sailing and then we are back in summer.
This is I admit one of the main joys.
Here I have arranged that the hole in my roof is going to be fixed before I go away....fingers crossed!
Every morning I go out to check that no more tiles have come far so good but in my absence I need to be sure that I don’t come home to an even bigger problem!
So....there’s still a lot to do, helped by the stair lift .
I have people to see before I go so starting my car now it’s no longer shrouded in snow is vital.
I spent far too much time yesterday looking for essential today I need to get on with it! The traffic is moving freely outside now...and it all looks very beautiful..and green! Thank you God.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Not much good news!

Here we are...the first day of Spring tomorrow and I am snowed in again! To be fair I could get out if I really wanted to but starting my car and driving anywhere is not an attractive proposition.
Traffic outside is much lighter than usual but it is moving....slowly.
It all looks very beautiful. Some amazing pictures are appearing on social media...which only a month ago I wouldn’t have thought possible!
This week is my time for getting myself properly organised for travelling.
Apparently this is the last of the snow for this year but right now it’s still coming down.
There is plenty of food in the house and drink too come to that.
Yesterday I had a small problem with the bottles of wine. Despite the fact that I have at least six corkscrews or other ways of opening a bottle around the house I failed to get the lunch time wine on the table....
Sunday is the only time in the week when I open a bottle to drink with lunch, following one of David’s decrees.
Having failed and watching the snow slowly piling up I went shopping on line to order several bottles with screw tops!
It was a pleasant activity which took my mind off the climate!
The box will arrive this week! As I only have one more Sunday left before travelling it’s unlikely that I’ll open more than one!
But they will "come in" as my mum would have said.
I don’t expect my cleaner to arrive this morning so I will just get on with it...whilst trying not to get depressed by the news from Russia!
Once more into the breach. Etc.

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

More snow!

We have another amber warning of snow here today. Last time I really didn’t believe it would happen but I am now very aware that yes, it is possible.
As yet we have only the lightest dusting.
And we have closed the church for the day.
I am one of the few here who remember the last time we closed St Just.
After doing the eight o’clock several cars were unable to get up the hill. A tractor turned out to rescue them at which point a decision had to be made. Rescuing forty cars would be much more complicated than four!
It was during the interregnum so my husband and I took the decision.
A notice was attached to the church door and I then stationed my car across the top of the road so that no one could get down.
This involved some interesting exchanges...but the only people to go down the hill were a group of about ten intrepid walkers.
I’m pleased not to be sitting across the road again...and since it’s only a couple of weeks since the last fall of heavy snow only too well aware that amber warnings should be taken seriously.
So I am settling down. The traffic outside is moving freely...but the warning lasts all day!
My friend with the four wheel drive has gone home. So I really am expecting to get snowed in yet again...
I can do this. My heating is on!
But I still have a hole in the roof! It’s only one tile off but it’s a very big one! Arghhhh!

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Cunard blues.

Following my comments yesterday I find that snow is being forecast again for this weekend! And this time I am taking it seriously.
I started my cruise packing yesterday. On the spare bed lie my swimming things!
Casting my mind back to the last cruise I have been trying to analyse why it was not the happy experience I was expecting.
It wasn’t just having the bracelet stolen on the first evening. That was just the start.
The fact that the entire ship was coughing didn’t help. Our supper table started with eight people and towards the last days only two of us were left!
I am now looking forward to it but in my mind are several small niggles.
It felt different . There was nothing I could put my finger on but day by day small disappointments resulted in a general feeling of discontent.
On returning home I wrote a letter. Sending it off to Cunard I then waited. For several weeks I got no reply. Finally someone rang me up. I had a very reasonable phone call which at least stopped me from feeling ignored.
Two weeks later a letter arrived. It was an apology of sorts.....words of regret failed to make me feel any happier.
At the bottom of the letter in very small print I saw that in fact it was not from Cunard but from Carnival.
Ok...that is obviously the answer. Cunard is no more. We are in a whole new area here...but it did oddly stop me from feeling so let down.
So although the ships are still glorious the company that ran them has been taken over.
And it showed. So I am ready...I won’t expect too much from anything...I will try not to catch the Cunard cough...and I will not leave any expensive jewellery hanging around... ok Carnival!

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Friday, 16 March 2018


Having had a fairly balmy couple of days I was alarmed to hear the word "snow."again this morning. Here in subtropical Cornwall the advent of the last fall of snow is still shocking us!
The pictures of great piles of snow heaped up in St Mawes still shock!
I got snowed in!
What was common place in North Wales was shocking here...just two weeks ago nothing could get through apart from jeeps and four wheel Tesco delivery failed to arrive for a week!
I went to check my weather forecast fast. No snow is forecast for here....yet, but never again will I again take it for granted that we will remain snow free!
My gardener is due this morning and the last time he arrived on a Friday morning it was in the worst of the storm. When I got up he had cleared the snow from my paths which was very kind of him.
This morning the sun shines...and it’s very still ripples of wind are stirring my is in fact tempting...I may well go out to have my morning coffee with the gardener in the summerhouse.
He knows me well enough now to share interesting news from the’s not gossip.....of course it’s not...but I do find out some very interesting things on occasions...especially who has been seen out with who and which of the local pubs are busy!
His car will arrive in just five minutes...I’d better leave my bed!

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Expelling Russians?

I watched the Question time exchanges yesterday and the following statements on the Russian problem. No one came out of this well.
It seems clear that Putin sanctioned the use of the nerve poison that was used on the former spy and his daughter. It certainly came from Russia but how is probably going to remain a mystery.
Mrs May was strong in her condemnation of Putin and the fact that he ignored her deadline for responding to her.
Mr Corbyn tempered his remarks on the subject which gave the Tory MPs the chance to attack him. But he must be used to that by this time.
The whole occasion brought the house together both in their condemnation of the evil deed and of Corbyns response to it.
As a parliamentary moment it was very interesting...but I am left with the thought that it was manna from heaven for Mrs May as she became the strong and stable Prime minister she has always claimed to be.
Corbyn sounded mealy mouthed by comparison. There was a trap here and he fell into it. This gave the other house members the opportunity to condemn him as well as the actual act by the Russians.
The main feeling the whole occasion gave me was relief.
Relief that Mrs May is tackling it in a robust way and that our foreign minister sitting on the front bench was keeping quiet!
The thought of Boris getting in on the act is very scary!
Expelling 23 Russians from this country is a gesture....but I’m not sure that it’s any more than an irritant in the greater scheme of things.
We are doomed to live in interesting times.....

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