Monday, 21 August 2017 and there....

I am very late blogging this morning....I have a bad back.
This in itself would not usually have any effects on my blogging habit but having lost most of the nights sleep I had to get up to let my cleaner in....otherwise she would have got the fire brigade out!
Periodically I do something stupid in the garden which results in pain.
I knew I had done it again last night so I delayed going to bed....
Eventually armed with a stiff Scotch I gave sleeping a try....
It didn't work.
I resisted the second favour of some paracetamol which is what the doctor recommended on a previous painful occasion.
I did get some sleep eventually and realised that my cleaner was about to arrive with some shock . My hasty leap out of bed did not improve the situation.
So now , my house clean, my bed made, the sun shines and I'm staying inside with a hot water bottle ......arghhhh!
The only good thing is that I've had time for reading . "The Washington Post" and "The New York Times" have succeeded in taking my mind off the painful back for several hours.
Apparently Mr Trump should see a doctor... it seems doubtful though that he would consent to what is being people who have seen the signs .....
As a distraction from my own problems it has all worked well though. The hot water bottle I am leaning on helps too!
If this follows previous painful backs I could be very much more clued up on current events across the pond quite soon...always look on the bright side!

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Ageing congregations.

I am travelling afield again this morning to a truly beautiful church some miles away.
They are in the middle of an interregnum. The church wardens have kept all the services going and this week they have had news of their new priest so it's time for general rejoicing all round.
Like most of the churches on the Roseland it is an elderly congregation.
Finding organists who can still play is a problem so I was delighted this morning to find a lady I know well in charge of the music.
One of the local churches has held out against having a female priest.
This is their choice but it has meant that they have had no communion services for some time.
But again they are a rapidly aging congregation...
There are lots of young people around....our curate is one of them and she is doing her best to get young mothers and fathers into church with some success.
This morning I would be surprised to find anyone under fifty in church despite there being a church school in the village.
It's hard to get younger congregations. There are so many beaches and playgrounds all over this place. I have done services on the beach for one church but I can't claim great success for them.
Yesterday I took my car out to make sure it's battery was charged enough to get me there....
So off I go shortly... the very old leading the only slightly less old....
Be with us Lord...

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

How to get tipsy in the afternoon.

Hum. Hum. Well David has been gone for over three years now and mostly I've left everything just where he'd left them. I have this week started to move a few things around however.
Someone gave me a bottle of sherry...I don't drink it much but I thought it would be nice to decant it...and we have a lot decanters. David spent time and trouble on his decanters...and so far they have stayed untouched.
One of them had only a small amount in so I emptied it out and then tasted it thinking it was Scotch. It wasn't.
Well...I looked at the others then. They all had something in them so having once started I carried on...just to see what he'd saved so well.
Well.....they were all strong.
Some I failed to identify. Some were Scotch , some were not. The colourless ones defeated me absolutely. But they were strong.
I've now poured a couple of them out and replaced them with the sherry and a good single malt...the rest remain mysteries...
I felt very cheerful whilst I was doing my tidying wasn't a job that was demanding...
I'm not really drunk....hic! I hope no one knocks on my door for a while though...
But I do at least know what's roughly in the glasses. None of them is gin even though they are colourless.
None of the original bottles are around..there is no way of identifying them. I need someone with a good pallet. .....
Having written that I then realised that I've got several hip flasks all fullish too.
I am waiting for another rainy day before exploring their contents!

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Easy targets.

Another day, another desperate act of terrorism. I listened to this once again and felt the horror but it is becoming commonplace...
The ease of driving a vehicle at speed into a crowd of people is very frightening. It is emerging as the desired way of killing by virtue of its randomness.
The fact that the person driving the vehicle is almost always killed in the process is clearly not stopping them. They become martyrs not killers.
And yet it would be too easy to become timid...too easy of being scared of walking about in any large city.
When I cruise I often walk around large cities...
It is part of the joy. And it still will be.
The people perpetrating these crimes want us to be frightened...
It is interesting that the same method of killing was used by people of the far right wing in America...
Any person who is unhappy and feels sidelined by society has this means of killing at their disposal.... and until they drive directly at us there is no way of spotting them in advance...
I will try not to let it prevent my perambulations in the future but I suspect another layer of distrust is being added to all our consciousness.
It's a strange world but it's where we are now.
Lord hear our prayer....

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Where next with Trump?

I am aware that I'm living in a bubble....a comfortable warm bubble of love and deep joy here in Cornwall.
Suddenly the real world has approached too close for comfort. I had no idea until yesterday that such people as the alt right existed....anywhere...
I suppose that the presence of the various ukippers should have alerted me but only on hearing the comment on the tragedy in Charlottesville did I come face to face with the ugly news that actual nazis still lived on this earth and one of them seems to be president of our closest ally.
Trumps attempts at first to deny what happened and then to try to put it right and then to go back to his original position might have been pathetically funny in any other situation.
But this was a wake up call for the world.
His backers, those who he relies on, those who it now seems tell him what to think are flexing their muscles...
He has clearly been warned off sounding too partisan but I heard enough to go looking and it appears that the alt right has its own web site where you can buy nazi flags and hats and tee's not just a bunch of loonies...they mean business and they have one of their own in power...
I can't remember a time when international politics was so engrossing or so scary.
Many of us have witnessed the boasts , lies and self aggrandisement of Mr President but what happened over the weekend took us unto different territory.
We see that his people now in place in the White House are a formidable group of friends. He has not hesitated to appoint and sack various people in order to get a group of people in place who will lick his boots and do his bidding...or will he do theirs?
The fact that we fought a war to defeat nazis and the Americans helped us should give me some cheer...but right now it is just very scary...
Nothing will surprise me having watched several video shots of Trump digging himself in deeper...
The only recourse for me is as always prayer...for a good outcome...but I suppose it depends what constitutes a good outcome for us all as opposed to what an alt right good outcome might be.
Lord hear our prayer .
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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Cruising snobbery.

I'm afraid I have become a bit of a snob in my old age....I am embarrassed about this but have to admit it's truth.
Old friends always appear in August and over the last weeks I have found myself trying to explain the Cunard system with regard to their guests.
Depending on how many days you've spent at sea on one of their ships you get graded....from silver, to gold, platinum and finally diamond.
David was aiming at diamond but never actually got there.
For me travelling alone it is a great boon being a diamond member, it cuts out queuing...and there are other benefits too not all of which I take advantage of...
But it is hard to explain to people who have never cruised.
My friends and relations know that I go away to exotic places on my own.
I always book a double cabin with a balcony and so have to pay double for is worth it for me now...especially after the dreadful trip on the Olsen ship.
The problem now though is when someone offers to come with me!
Obviously it's only people I know well and I do think about it...but unless they are also diamond members there are all sorts of hurdles to get over.
The main joy is the ease of getting on and off...diamond members are classed a "priority" I sail past long queues very makes a difference.
So when an old friend offers to come with me it's not all joy and I am embarrassed to be admitting this!
So I have become a snob....but a fairly happy one as far as cruising goes..
I am seeing old friends on the next one and that's fine because they are diamond members too. Oh dear!

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Game playing.

I love playing games....I always have, perhaps I was deprived more than I realised growing up during the war.
When I was a young mother there was always someone to play with...wet Sundays were spent over Monopoly, card games and anything else that arrived in the Christmas stockings.
As an adult I have not found many adult game players on my wave length so finding the games on wifi were simply wonderful.
Once the children had left home I had experienced apathy mostly from other adults so I did some research...that's what I called it anyway.
I looked for games for two people...card games, Scrabble, Backgammon. I drew the line at son was much too good at that. He beat me every time.
Once in Cornwall I played often on line with old friends that I didn't meet anymore.
It kept us in touch.
I played backgammon more than most games and I realised that I was playing one player very frequently. I always beat him. Why I wondered did he keep coming back for more.
One night he appeared again and I settled down to a three game match at his request.
He finally beat me and I was then very amused,
" I did it...I finally did it....I knew I'd get you one day mum"!
It was my son I'd been playing for months without knowing it!
I miss my children keenly at times now. But I still play the games on line that I used to play with them.
You never know one day a voice from above might say the same thing ....just before I disappear into the clouds!

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