Saturday, 1 October 2016

Phishing ..again.

There must be people somewhere who spend all their time trying to scam other people.
Since my last post on this subject the emails are arriving at least once every evening.
The theme is the Apple account has been compromised, unless I click on the link to put in all my details they would be forced to close it.
So last night I got an email proclaiming in very large print that I had been suspended!
Readers of this blog may remember that a couple of weeks ago I almost fell for one of these but stopped when I was asked for my banking details.
The phone call directly to Apple reassured me that all was well.
But the scammers are getting the bottom of the emails is a link to click if you are check that it really is from Apple.
The one thing they are not getting cleverer at is their English....there are almost always tiny mistakes in grammar, punctuation etc...not hard for an old English teacher to spot!
Now I send them all off directly to Apple to their phishing department.
But they keep on arriving at least once every day.
I assume that everyone else is being targeted. It can't just be me...but I would be interested in hearing about other people's experience in this field...
Somewhere in the world are gremlins just waiting to pounce...may they fail . My grandma would have said they needed to get a proper job...but I expect they think this is one!
I would love to know if they do succeed occasionally...but I'd rather hear that they are getting discouraged and have found other ways of making money!
It's a strange world we live in, sharply divided by those who have security and those desperate to scare us into parting with it...
To police this world is impossible I we all have to stay alert.
May they all be confounded!

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nuclear power.

Years ago the news that a nuclear power station was going to be built in Somerset would have bothered me, as did all things nuclear...
I am of the generation that saw the damage done by dropping nuclear bombs on Japan. It was bleakly dangerous and not just at the time of detonation...people are still bearing the scars of that act of I viewed everything nuclear with massive suspicion resulting in my joining CND from the start. This feeling was further heightened when the nuclear accident in Russia brought toxic clouds as far as North Wales where I lived.
My second husband David changed all that!
His company had built a nuclear power station , and he had been involved in the work.
A long time ago during a time of massive power cuts he had realised that at some stage fossil fuels would run out...alternates would have to be found.
That was why we put solar tiles on our roof and wanted a windmill . We failed to get the wind power but for the first time during some earnest conversations I could see the benefits of nuclear power...once I'd learned to not see them in the context of bombs.
What it is going to take to get this huge new project built is something else...any construction involving the English, Chinese and French might be "interesting"
But I find that I am welcoming the news rather than regretting it...
David did his job well!

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Geographical recognition!

Living in Cornwall is wonderful...sitting on the toe sticking out into the Atlantic brings many benefits, not least the usually benign weather....
What is odd though is how many times my iPad or computer fails to be able to identify my exact location.
The weather app often tells me it's unable to find my location...occasionally I get the forecast for Madeira or somewhere I've cruised!
The really odd things come when I read the feedjit feed on my blog...
It fails miserably to identify my position most of the time.
Currently I'm located in Merthyr Tydfil. Recently though I was vaguely in the UK! As most of my readers are also there too this can lead to some confusion.
Only very rarely does it identify my position in Cornwall. So I have to wonder if the rest of the world included in the feed is accurate...
My phone and iPad have travelled with me on all my travels so I shouldn't be surprised if they are a sometimes a little confused....they are in good company with the rest of the world, and me!

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Old images.

The way we keep our precious memories has undergone complete change in the last few years..
Photographs of much loved people used to be placed carefully inside albums to be looked at in our old age!
I have several of these now, mostly unopened for years...
All my photographs taken in the last ten or so years are stored on my computer...I can print them out if I want to but there doesn't seem much point.
Whilst I was away last month, I spent much too long on my own in my cabin coughing .
Inevitably I took pictures of fiords and looked at old photographs stored on my iPad.
At one stage feeling very miserable I looked right through the whole lot and realised that I had no pictures of my children. Not one!
Coming home I found lots of pictures of my son but my daughter died before the digital revolution occurred...
I then got out old albums to search for old pics which I photographed using my mobile phone!
During this search I found some very old pics of me...gosh I've changed....
The whole episode has been very odd....I've obviously got far too much time on my hands...
But I now do have pics of my children on my phone and my computer...
In my barn are several large boxes full of old play scripts and old photos.
This is a project for the could be very interesting...but only to me , I have no intention of taking everyone down memory lane....
The old pics of my son complete with curly hair after going for a perm, the sight of my daughter playing her flute in a school concert will sit side by side with my various golden be brought out only on rare days...I am fully aware of the dangers of living in the past.
From the lofty heights of old age I can enjoy old holidays, old friends, old boats...but not yet Lord, not yet!

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The next president?

Autumn , season of mists and mellow fruitfulness....
It can be very beautiful here in this golden season but so far it's been dark and damp .
Maybe it's just that my mindset is dull right now but sleep eludes me often during the night so that by morning I am not very bright!
I am a very lucky woman in all sorts of ways and I do know this but I'm getting into bad habits.
Listening to the radio during the night I doze in and out of sleep but last night I caught snatches of the debate between the two presidential candidates of America...
That woke me up!
I refuse to believe that a country so full of highly intelligent ,likeable people can have two candidates both of whom I simply couldn't vote for!
I suspect many of us feel much the same .
I have had access to various news programmes during the last months, Sky, Fox etc have been showing speeches by the candidates for months which have astounded me.
America was founded by men and women fleeing from harsh regimes at home and they established a country where free speech was a basic right for all. The Statue of Liberty encapsulates this ideal...
"Bring me your poor, your huddled masses."
Wonderful words, wonderful ideals, now being rubbished.
Which ever one of them wins and becomes president , a leader of the free world, everyone will get behind them I am sure. But I suspect many of us will be anxious...
All we can hope for is that the many advisors around the next president will have real clout...
It's going to be a very interesting few weeks...

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Packaging issues!

Has the world gone mad? Has someone somewhere got a massive stock pile of cardboard that must be used....
Why does everything we order these days come swathed in huge cardboard containers?
This was a conversation after church yesterday as we all set off for home knowing that a recycling day was coming!
Everyone contributed horror stories......we all live in rural large shops for a long way! So we order things on line!
And this is becoming a problem. Particularly if we care about the recycling!
David recycled therefor so do I but its getting harder. I'm not made for jumping on cardboard boxes!
Why does everything we order these days come embedded in brown cardboard?
I ordered a new walking stick last week( not for me). It arrived inside a huge cardboard box! It was one slim plastic stick. Even if it had been bumped and banged along the way nothing would have hurt it!
If I order clothes I pray they will arrive in a plastic bag! They are soft! They won't get damaged if they get chucked about...but no , cardboard it is!
Everyone had similar complaints...jumping on all these boxes is not good for us old ladies!
When I sent for some wood paint for my summer house it arrived in a huge cardboard box. Inside the box was the packing. Several rolls of soft brown plastic....taking up huge amounts of room...I'm putting them with the kitchen rubbish, one roll at a time!
I know things have to arrive in good order, packed and protected but really some of the time could we just have soft clothes in tough plastic bags?
Jumping on all these boxes has to be done on Sunday because the van arrives very early on Monday morning so the sight of me complete with dog collar can be found most Sunday's jumping around with flat feet and flailing arms....and I'm not even mentioning the bottles!

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Saturday, 24 September 2016


I was cold yesterday.....I piled on extra clothes but my mind was turning to is approaching.
Every year for the last four winters I have had problems with my heating.
It started with the year that my husband David was desperately ill. It was essential that I was able to keep him warm.
This involved several electric heaters in every room...because the oil fired central heating failed....miserably....
Each year since that one has been marked by the failure of the radiators to give any warmth at all!
So yesterday my mind inevitably turned to the heating.....was it going to work this year? Did I need to get in touch with the plumber I now know very well?
So eventually I went and turned it on...
And it worked!
Every radiator in the house, including the one in the hall which has not been on for four years came on last night!
I have a warm house!
Waking early I've done an early morning tour of the house.....and even the towel rails are on!
This is a massive relief. I hate being cold.
I am now off to a far flung village for an early Eucharist with the knowledge that I will come home to a warm house.

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