Thursday, 23 March 2017


Like everyone else I am numbed by yesterday's attack just outside  Parliament. At the beginning it appeared to have only one casualty but with a sickening inevitability we then learned about the people mowed down by a car used as a weapon.
Like everyone else I supposed it to be a terror attack much like those in other European countries.
This morning, listening to the news I find myself wanting more information.
Was the murderer British? Was he born here? Was he a Muslim?
Eventually all these details will be given to us but just now all we have to go on is what we hear on the news.
Hatred of the sort that leads us to kill each other is corrosive. To kill people for their religion feels medieval. Elsewhere in the world other Christians are suffering for their religion.
So I pray, not just for those who died yesterday and their grieving loved ones but also for those who feel such hatred that they are willing to give up their own lives to achieve it.
Love one another....impossible though this sounds, it is what we have to aim at now.
Here in Cornwall watching scenes of horror in a place I know well and love is all I have left.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Supreme Court blog!

Modern technology is astonishing for one brought up during the war. In my school, books were in short supply as was paper to write on so we all had slates and chalk. They were easy . A quick wipe over cancelled out all mistakes.
The journey from there to here has been challenging as well as fraught at times but now I am astonished by the technology available to us all.
This week I have been amazed to find that I can watch live the hearings being held in Washington whilst Judge Gorsuch attempts to answer all the questions being asked of him as a Supreme Court Judge.
From having only comics and Bibles in my home during my infancy to having a slim small mini iPad to take to bed with me has been an astonishing journey...
Small news flashes inform me on the top of my screen as they happen.
I still listen to the radio but my main source of information is this tiny rectangle on my knee.
I can see a detailed local BBC weather forecast every day....see the exact state of my bank accounts, play games, do jig saws, chat to friends...
It's all amazing but this latest ability to plug into a High court blog as it is happening is simply miraculous.
I must say that I am very impressed with the intelligence and the morality being displayed daily right now...I have some faith that those people I see on my small screen really will stay independent of the man who appointed them.
It's a weird world we live in...and because of this technology we can see actual government being played out daily!
It's compulsive viewing...
I have Fox News , Washington Post and the New York Times on my iPad...there is no excuse for being uninformed!
The last couple of days have filled me with hope for the future...there are people who are trying to run a democratic government. Alleluia!

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Strange friend requests?

Over the last few days I have had unusual friend requests on Facebook. Occasionally I get a request from someone I don't know and ignore it....if you are going to be friends it's as well if some acquaintance has happened.
I not only don't know any of the gentlemen involved I see a pattern beginning to emerge.
They are all mature, widowed and military.
All three are dressed in full uniform.
All three are handsome chaps...rugged, tanned and smiling. One of them lives in Washington. None of them have many friends....yet.
Maybe listening to the recent hearings about Russian interference in the election of Mr Trump has made me paranoid.
Is it some sort of attempt to get elderly females from this country to cooperate with the USA?
Nonsensical though that sounds, something is happening that feels odd.
Are we all getting these requests?
Is there some sort of invasion of Facebook being acted out?
All of my would be friends are handsome chaps...looking good in their uniforms, polished and shiny brass very evident!
I caught one pic with my finger on my iPad accidentally and immediately rescinded it.
They look like the sort of chap most girls would enjoy being friends with....and yet....
I would love to know if we are all getting them. If it's just me should I be worried? Just one chap made me laugh. Two started me wondering...three is enough to get paranoia going....

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Monday, 20 March 2017

An unusual event!

I went out to lunch yesterday. A good friend had arranged for me to be picked up.
The lunch was a private function , a fund raiser for the local children's hospice. I've been to other similar events but this one was quite extraordinary.
We were handed a glass of wine on the way in and we people I only usually see in church!
The meal was excellent. I sat with interesting people and the food was good.
Afterwards we went into the private cinema right next to the dining room.
It had comfortable seats complete with fleecy shawls in case we felt cold and we watched on a huge screen the film of Dr Zhivago!
It was excellent, complete with popcorn and in the interval ice Cream was served! Very decadent!
It was very enjoyable and we didn't get home until about six thirty! The film was a long one.
I have never enjoyed a fund raising event so much and full marks to the man whose brain child it was.
We got far more than our money's worth...and for such a good cause ...
I shall certainly go to another!
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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Unmarried mothers and their babies.

When I was a girl I was aware of the appalling fear of pregnancy in all my was a stigma that we all knew about.
When my best friend disappeared from school we were about thirteen. I went to look for her and her mother opened the door, peered out and asked me if my mother knew I was there....she didn't . I was told to go home and get her permission.
My mum was very definite.. I was not to go back. I got the lecture about not going out with boys and she was adamant, it was dangerous because boys only wanted one thing. That one thing was never spelt out.....I was just not to even go to the pictures with them.
The whole thing was discussed at length in school. It was all both a bit of a mystery and also exciting...thirteen year olds were very ignorant in those days.
I set too. I was a good knitter and I bought some wool and made some bootees. I had to walk past my friends house on my way home from school. I delivered the baby things one afternoon when I knew her mother would be out.
My friend was glad to see me but she was also frightened....what had happened to her had filled her with shame and her mother had told her that she would have to go away for her confinement. To a mother and baby home.
In the end she had the baby at home but her terror at being sent away was all too clear. It kept me very frightened of falling pregnant myself.....I was off boys for a very long time.
Now hearing of what had happened to those unwanted babies in some homes is just terrible to hear.
Babies removed from their mothers were not sent off to loving homes. They died and were buried in unmarked graves. In one report from Ireland there were also the bones of toddlers as well as new born babies!
This was apparently acceptable in the climate of guilt and fear found in those "homes" meant for the safety of the poor girls who ended up in them.
It makes it worse that they were sometimes run by nuns.
What version of Christianity could cover the killing or neglecting of the babies whose bodies have been found buried in ancient graveyards?
I am glad our collective consciousness has travelled such a long way away from that stigma which ruined the lives of so many young girls..
But what happened to the babies needs to be addressed. Sooner rather than later!

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Fact or fiction or fake?

As time moves on in this gripping saga of White House politics truth, as ever stranger than fiction is proving elusive to grasp.
Mr Trump does not appear to think he is under any compunction to always speak the truth...and clings to various fictions with tenacity...
Anything he hears that doesn't fit in with his concept of himself as the greatest living white man in America is dismissed as "fake".
He seems hell bent on discrediting his predecessor . He had finally to drop his insistence that Obama was not born in the USA after being ridiculed for his insistence. He does not take take ridicule well.
I think he may be one of those people who actually doesn't recognise a lie when it comes from his own lips. He said it therefor it must be true!
Yesterday he added a small bit of embroidery to the original lie by trying to implicate us, GCHQ did it! This was emphatically denied!
The problem is that when everyone else knows about your little weakness they may well take advantage of you by dropping small clues towards the next big lie...
His determination to outshine Obama is apparent daily...he just has to go one step further to actually discredit him.
This may well be his major mistake...if he keeps up this fallacy long enough then people will start to laugh at him.
He wouldn't like that, from any of his minions. "Off with his head."
Just as well there are no guillotines in the White House!

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Life in the country!

I have to be up fairly early to greet my gardener!
We have a problem...hopefully not a huge one. This week a hole has appeared right at the top of the garden.
In the past lots of holes have appeared as well as mole hills....most holes are obviously made by rabbits and some rats I think.
I am far into the country here...this is not a suburban garden.
The current hole is about nine inches across . It comes from the next field and has grown a little larger every day! The soil thrown up is behind a small fir tree....and I have been watching it's growth day by day...
It can only be a badger I think...
Most of us have regular visits from these nocturnal animals...occasionally I have found a body out on the road, where a car has caught one!
I don't mind badgers....they don't do too much damage...and they can't climb the fruit trees, but this is a hole that looks much bigger than anything else I've ever found!
My gardener will know what to do...he is a born and bred Cornishman..
He must have come across their holes before...
I cant actually kill anything moles are mute testimony to that...but the tunnel is very close to a small tree...and if I just ignore it the tree is going to be in danger...the tunnel gets bigger every day!
He will arrive at eight o clock so I need to be dressed by then...hey ho!
An hour later!
We have now placed a heavy pot over the tunnel...
My gardener says it won't work, the bleep bleep animals are everywhere!
They are digging in suburban gardens currently...nothing he is aware of stops them...
OK I can live with that if I have to! It's all part of living in the country!

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