Tuesday, 23 August 2016

German effect.

Cunard have given us something new to ponder . Till this trip the English have always been the largest group onboard! Now we are two huge groups containing as many Germans as Brits!
For some of the older generation this is a bit of a problem . But for most of us we can live side by side with no problems...
On our English speaking dinner table we have a lovely German woman with excellent English..I have just two words of German...."Gouten morgan" and "Danke"
Moving around the ship it is likely that your dining companions will not be English any more.. But it is also obvious that their English is much better than our German...
Most of them can make a stab at it whereas most of us Brits really can't..
This is difficult...it's hard to feel superior and British when it's becoming obvious that we are not!
Many of us Brits are attempting to close ranks! A certain anti German bias creeps in where two or more of us gather over food or drink....
I am not feeling that....I just know that I have to try harder than I have so far...I have to acquire some basic German from somewhere. That way not only can I make myself understood, I might meet some really interesting people!
Either way I'm doing a lot of smiling and dankering.
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Monday, 22 August 2016

Not at all well!

Yesterday simply convinced me that it was not just old age that was affecting me. I realised that I was ill.
The Cunard cough became a full scale coughing, sneezing, wheezing attack.
I stayed on the coach during the stops so that I didn't exhaust myself...
I then slept for hours on my return...
Dressing for dinner I realised that I could not actually make it so I sent for an egg sandwich and some scotch.
After that I went to bed and slept...and slept.
This morning I am booked on the trip to look at an old church.
To get there I have to go ashore using a tender!
The tender option out at sea is not inviting when waves are making it all rough but moored as we are in a fiord it should be a doddle. But I am not going!
I have to try to get myself well today...I may even go to the doctors.. It depends how I feel when I get moving...
Someone was taken off on a helicopter yesterday . I don't want it be me today!
This is a beautiful country...glorious are the views and the people .
For me today is going to be as quiet as possible...I shall just be content to look!
The internet is very slow today....I can't post this just yet!

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Too dot dot old!

I am become old. I fact I am an old woman. Keeping up with everyone else has become hard work.
We have been travelling slowly through a glorious fiord.
It is stunningly beautiful and I am exhausted.
I left the dining room last night unable to eat the delicious food in front of me.
Some of this is tied to mourning Michael I know but the bottom line is that I just can't do all the things I hoped to do.
I have been here before I realise.
Last time I failed to go out on the bus too, there's plenty to look at without needing to go off!
I've looked for my asthma spray and by some miracle found it...so I am armed.
My bus goes around ninish. I may not be on it
This feeling of total lassitude is almost unknown to me but I am taking it as a clue....I'm too old for all this.
If I don't get onto the coach I shall do what I did before, sit in the church,
Use my krona to sample the local coffee and give in gracefully!

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Cunard cough!

After a day in the sun, yesterday sailing the briney in a three masted ancient schooner I came home with a very sore throat!
After nursing it I decided to go to find some throat sweets...
The girl in the shop said happily, "Don't worry, we've all got it! It's the air conditioning!
This was only a tiny consolation..
I struggled all the way through supper and then decided on drastic measures...off I went to the bar!
Two scotches later I felt a bit better...three later and all was well with my world...
This is obviously not recommended but it did seem to work.
I have had a bad night waking up fairly frequently to sneeze, cough and hawk!
I'm not good this morning but it is Sunday and there is no landfall. A sea day is clearly indicated , doing as little as possible...
I think I can manage this!

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Friday, 19 August 2016


Woke up in a fiord! It's very beautiful .
We are not yet berthed...but today is the day we do Oslo!
I am slowly sorting out various people and making friends...
The poor lady next door forgot a suitcase . Unfortunately it was the one containing the formal clothes...we have freed to contribute various items but today is going to be a major shopping day for her!
I've stopped weeping whenever anyone asks about my travelling companion..
Oddly the staff on board are people I've met before who remember David...
Life gets complicated at times!
I am booked on a bus tour today....all I have to do is get off complete with passport!
I was never asked for my passport, and I'd got the whole thing wrong anyway!
I had not noticed the word "cruise" in the title....
We were lead  to a large masted schooner and taken round the harbour and beyond!
It's a lovely place! But  haven't taken too many pics!  The sun stayed behind the clouds and I wasn't wearing warm clothes....you don't need to keep warm on a bus and that's where I thought we were going!

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Regrets...I've had a few!

Yesterday we were back in Hamburg. I was last here in June, twice. The first time I went on an excursion and heard a wonderful organ recital as well as seeing the sights from the bus as we travelled.
I had planned no excursions because I was going to spend the day with Michael on board....
I could still go out, get on the shuttle bus and explore on foot but my heart wasn't in it!
Instead I stayed on board, drinking coffee in a comfortable lounge and regretting things.
We had planned everything on this trip together so it is bitter sweet much of the time.
Last night I found that two ladies from the supper table had the next room to me! The one Michael should have had!
Oh hell, this is self inflicted pain but it was inevitable I think...
My only consolation is that by the time I've spent two weeks lamenting I shall get home and be ready to start again..
"One more step into the world I go." I can hum it as I go...
"From the old world to the new I go travelling along with you!"
I'm not as miserable as I sound...I laughed a lot last night at the act described as "A comedy juggler" the poor man needed some support!
Some laughter , some tears, many regrets....the world turns and I turn with it...
So be it Lord.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Cunard on the whole looks after its crumbling guests. Once when Michael was very frail I borrowed a wheel chair for him which fortunately we only used for one day.
There are many people on board who are mobility challenged. All sorts of variations on the Zimmer frame are around both on the decks and inside.
Having watched the brave people negotiating their way around the ship, determined to be able to do everything they always used to do....I expect that at some stage I will join their ranks....but not yet.
Marching around the ship, scorning the comfortable chairs ranging the decks I had an astonishing thought...
Michael is not frail any more....he's not needing my help or any of the mobility aids we had been looking at.
He has his limbs in order again....
In middle age he had played golf...until he had to stop but that's the Michael now, striding the heavens, out of pain and able to get around without help.
David has no tumour now. My children are full of life and the joy they had in their youth .
I know I'm a soppy old woman and I know my entire world is built around us surviving death as laid down by Jesus..."I am the resurrection and the life said the Lord and he who believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life."
So that's what I believe...in hope that it's true....which means my loved ones are up there sound in limb and functioning as they were when they were young... Or younger anyway....
Please God let it be true..

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