Sunday, 20 May 2018

A hard day?

I have a busy day today. A funeral this morning will take up both time and energy.
Having done a food shop on Friday I realised late yesterday that it was due to arrive whilst I was in church. I set too to change the time and despite the fact that they kept insisting that I put in my pass code which I’ve never needed until now I did succeed in rerouting it until this afternoon.
I checked all the details of the service yesterday , spoke to the organist, read all the emails from the daughter of the deceased..and am awake early this morning checking it all again.
An added complication is that today I have a mandatory seminar on Safeguarding to get too. As this is about fifty miles away it seems very unlikely that I’ll get there.
The upshot of all this is that I am rapidly warming to the idea that it’s time I retired.
Last time I mentioned this to my incumbent he insisted that I couldn’t do that as he was retiring this summer!
My diary is filling up with services, farewell parties etc during the coming months..but as he is a good ten years younger than me I find that I’m getting very interested in going sometime soon myself.
The problem here is that I own my own home. Usually when a priest retires they leave the house provided by the church and are seldom seen again which is obviously excellent news for the person taking over. But I have no intention of going anywhere so whilst I’m here I might as well work. ...I suppose...
I still enjoy what I do in the church but it’s getting harder..physically mostly but I do forget things too...
I am enjoying being an old woman most days but there are limits....and today is going to be hard.

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Lovely wedding.

I did watch the wedding after all and I’m very glad that I did. I skipped all the lead up bits and joined in at the start of the service with the bride walking softly up the aisle towards Harry.
I found that I knew all the words, no surprise really considering all the couples I’ve joined together over the years.
The pair of them looked relaxed, and very very happy. They even joined in the singing at times!
The visiting preacher brought an American note into the service and his insistence that love is the important, meaningful word in the service really resonated with me.
I wanted the Archbishop to tell them something slightly different after he’d done the set of prayers which ends in the words that they are now man and wife.
I usually tell the groom at that point that he can now kiss the bride...but I know that the service as written in the Anglian prayer book does not actually contain that line!
It was lovely. I’m glad I watched it.
I hope the love and spirit which was evident throughout the service remains with them for the rest of their lives together.

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Wedding watching.

I am aware that my decision not to watch the TV coverage of the wedding is changing as I listen to the radio.
I probably will watch some of it.
I once took a school trip to Windsor and have been in the little chapel where they are to wed. I’m not sure where they’ll put all the guests...presumably some sort of extension will have been erected.
Having married hundreds of couples here over the years I am interested in the actual service and the priests role in it.
That’s my excuse for changing my mind and I’m sticking to it!
I will certainly not be spending hours before and after but I am Interested in the ceremony and how it’s handled.
I am amused by the fact that a football game is going to be claiming a rival set of watchers. I imagine harsh words may be spoken in some households but that’s all part of the slight hysteria that can accompany these occasions.
I am not much interested in the frock or the flowers or the steady build up to it all but the fact that the bride is a mixed race woman who has had a previous marriage does bring the Royal family into this century. We seem to be entering into a very different sort of Royal family. It would be good to think so anyway and helps to banish some of the pondering about how the boy's mother was treated.
Diana will be an unseen element presence  in Windsor today I think.
I wish them all well and hope their marriage will be lifelong and life giving.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Charging my battery!

Today it’s not my personal battery which needs attention, it’s my car. Having not been out this week I have to get myself moving today. I am back to an old problem, keeping my car running.
She is a lovely old Mercedes, sadly not used all that much these days.
The number of times I have needed a jump start to get it moving have piled up I’m trying to keep her running by taking her out for a run regularly.
Usually this run goes to the village where I used to live.
A nice drive by the sea , looking out to Gull rock is now a regular route before the weekend starts in earnest. I need to be sure I can get to which ever church is expecting me.
I have been known to hitch hike before now. This amuses people mostly if I’m wearing clerical wear. One couple who picked me one Sunday morning came to church with me after I’d been picked up along the main road and they still come occasionally.
As a way of recruiting a congregation this is not recommended!
So to avoid my having to go out using my thumb I take the old Merc for a little run quite often on Friday morning.
It is a quiet day outside.....I have no idea where the tide is...but Gull rock is calling me, a lovely sight even on dark days.
I am getting into my Mr Toad mode....peep out Cornwall! I am coming!

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Royal wedding.

I shall be greeting the coming weekend with a large yawn.
I’m not anti royal these days but I am not at all interested in spending hours watching every small movement in the inevitable performance.
It’s very sad that these two young people can’t just go off and get quietly married without the press and the television in intrusive attendance.
I feel very sorry for the brides be thrust into the spotlight focussed on their daughter must have brought both of them far too much publicity as the press grub around looking for anything to catch a headline.
I was anti royal in my youth. I spent Coronation day at the Old Trafford watching a cricket match. I simply refused to get involved in any of it.
I never sang the national anthem as a young woman...
I would never have done anything even slightly disrespectful . I just didn’t want to join in the almost obligatory royal adulation.
Now I pray for the Queen regularly in services in church and mean it. I think she has done a wonderful job throughout her life in the full glare of publicity and I’m glad her marriage has given us the royal children and grand children.
But I don’t need to spend a day watching one of them getting married.
I do hope it all goes well. Diana would be delighted with Harry’s choice I think.
From up there on her cloud she must be cheering them both on.
But for me Saturday will be a quiet day in my I do hope the sun shines on the event. The couple deserve that as they cope with all the people cheering them on.
I hope it all goes well for them .

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018


I read with interest the account of the fisherman being bitten by a shark in the sea not all that far from here.
I used to swim in the sea a lot, accompanied by my Golden retriever Crispin.
He stayed by my side as we swam out and tugged me back in if he thought we’d gone too far out.
Often we encountered dog fish swimming out there with us.
These very large fish look very like sharks but I’m told are harmless.
Crispin thought it his duty to look after me on our swimming excursions.
He would try to growl at the dog fish but he couldn’t get his head far enough out of the water to be convincing.
A couple of times though he became very insistent, nudging me away from the big fish.
After seeing pictures of the shark that did the biting I do now wonder if I got saved from a similar experience when Crispin with great determination pushed me back to shore.
I don’t swim much these days apart from in the pools of various cruise ships. But I do sometimes wonder if maybe some human sharks might be found swimming alongside me...without Crispin to see them off!
I still miss him...but I will not have another dog despite well meaning offers occasionally. Any dog I took on now would outlive me!
Plus I no longer swim a long way out any more. A nice walk along a beach is the best I can do. I can be sensible sometimes........

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Stay alert!

The attempts to get into my bank account get more inventive day by day.
Warnings of unusual activity on my account are coming in almost daily.
Unfortunately some of the warnings name the bank as one I’ve never had an account with.
I delete all such requests instantly.
I know some people have several different accounts but I don’t.
My first husband was a senior bank manager with Nat West which is now the Royal Bank of Scotland, a fact which must have him turning in his grave.
But I’ve only ever had one account.
I suppose that for the would be thief then sending out thousands of emails asking us to check our accounts in response to their "kind" warning must occasionally bring results but by this time we are all surely too aware of the dangers of putting any banking details on line.
It’s just one more tiresome niggle to negotiate almost daily.
I can’t believe anyone actually falls for it. I know that the first time I got a warning years ago I did start to check before realising the danger. Since then they have got more sophisticated but so have I..... mostly.
It must be worth their efforts I suppose but having gone through several emails pressing the delete button I can’t imagine anyone falling for it.
The daily warnings are simply small annoyances.
I like the fact that Apple have made it impossible to get into any accounts without using a finger print. This works for me.

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