Saturday, 16 December 2017

Helpful Apple!

Last week I ordered a new mini iPad from Apple. I intended to take it on the cruise. It was to replace the one that died last week. I paid for it by placing my finger on the appropriate spot.....weird but true.
I was expecting it to arrive yesterday. It didn't. Instead I got an email from Apple telling me that delivery had been delayed. For several days.
I decided it was getting too close to embarkation day and went into Apple support .
I had a long conversation with one of them, explaining that it was very inconvenient to have to hang around next week...
At some point I said "I suppose it's too late to cancel it? "
Well wasn't actually too late. It had yet to arrive in a clearing could be stopped and sent back.
This astonished me. But I decided that I couldn't spend a day next week hanging around waiting for it. So I cancelled it. A refund was guaranteed.
The whole conversation was cordial, civilised and helpful.
At the end the young man asked me if I wanted a transcript of the conversation. I said yes and it duly arrived.
The whole event took about ten minutes and left me astonished by how easy it had all been.
I have resurrected an old mini iPad to take away with I won't be cut off. At some point in the future I'll no doubt try again but I am impressed by how easy the whole cancelling process was. And chatting to the young man was also a pleasure rather than a frustration.
One less anxiety before I embark!

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas approaches.

Gremlins are definitely around just now. Silly little annoyances are occurring daily. I am not going to list them but they are getting in the way.
In my head is a list....I haven't written it down but it's there...
Cards, presents, visits to the fragile, trying to get everything I will need over Christmas ready to pack.
Small mysteries are arising daily.
Yesterday my mini iPad died.
I was using it during the morning to try to track down elusive addresses.
I went off to see a friend recovering from a small operation.
When I got back in the dusk it had died.
I suspected that I had flattened the battery playing a daft game before setting off so I tried to charge its battery but no it stayed stubbornly black.
I linked it to my proper was not recognised .
It had died!
Other things needed my I put it to one side...
I tried again at bedtime but it stayed resolutely black.
This morning when I turned on it told me it had only one percent of battery.
So it's now charging...I think....
Other small frustrations abound. I will not list them.
Today I am finishing off the card writing....I hope....
I am relieved that it's still only Friday....I have a quiet weekend....alleluia!
Time to deal with all the various theory...
I have yet to get out the suitcase....because apart from a swimming costume there's nothing to go in it yet!
I remember when the approach to Christmas was fraught with far too much to remember...but I always got it all done....
The Christmas where I had seven services in twenty four hours puts all this into perspective.
I can do this.... and I will!

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Big Bang!

I got struck by lightening last night. Not me...the house.
It was raining but there was no sign of anything worse when a great bang accompanied by a brilliant light shook us.
It was very dramatic and I waited for other light flashes and sounds...
There were none. It was just one bang.
I went all though the house suspecting consequences....
I waited for any more lightening flashes in the area. There were none. So off I went to check things.
The electricity was on. I toured the entire house. There seems nothing amiss but it was a huge bang.
Later I discovered that it had knocked my solar panel meter out. The red light that appears during the night had gone.
As soon as it gets light I will go out to look at my house from across the road.
It was a very dramatic Big Bang...
Last night it was too dark to check my car but I can dimly see it this morning.
It looks all right.
I am hoping that all is well outside. But it was a very Big Bang.
After posting that I realised that I had enough light so off I went to stand in the big puddle on the other side of the road.   The roof and tiles look fine! This ancient Farmhouse seems to have survived!
Thank you God....

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Pre Christmas angst!

I woke up with queues of things to do ....soon.
I seem to have become someone who puts things off. I procrastinate.
It's taken several days to get the house back to normal after the upheaval of being decorated.
Intermittently I have been writing Christmas cards..and I now have a small pile complete with stamps to post.
Last year several people asked why they got this year I have written the names down as I proceed.
I tell myself it's only Wednesday ....there's plenty of time...people to visit, presents to buy, wrap and deliver.
But as has become normal a certain amount of panic peeps into my consciousness .....I'll never be ready in time....etc.
I have visits now fixed from now until I go away next week. They are to people I know and love...and me and my travelling communion kit will be rushing around for the next few days......
The joy of Christmas is hard to capture right now. It has disappeared once again into attempting to get everything done.
I am going away for Christmas and as yet I haven't really started packing.
My cleaner found my first attempts cruising shoes are on the spare bed next to my swimming costumes...
She was bemused to find a hot water bottle there too.
I reassured her....I will not be taking a hot water bottle in my was a relic of last weeks bad back.
Ok! I'm now on the my head if not on my feet!

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Driving on ice.

Before going away again I have several visits to old friends mostly in the next hasn't snowed here...or even been frosted...
It is cold though.
I do value this sub tropical my garden I have azaleas flowering, camellia, mahonia, cyclamen are all joining in with great fat buds in waiting.
Geraniums winter over every year as do other delicate plants.
The absence of frost means that it's safe to drive...with no slippery roads.
I have in the past driven in appalling weather when circumstances have made me.
When in Lancashire I lived in one town and worked in another. This meant that very often I drove in very scary conditions.
If it snowed whilst I was in school I was very often struggling to get home afterwards.
On one occasion I arrived at a very steep hill, anxious about getting home to find it closed. The police were telling everyone to go round....this involved a very long detour through a small town nearby.
I stayed put and when approached by the policeman in charge I explained that I had children at home waiting for me.
He was wonderful. He waved me through and my small car got up the sand covered ice hill accompanied by prayers...
Now, free of ice and snow I'm not missing the hard winters I grew up with but the memories are wonderful.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017


The reports of snowfall remind me of living in North Wales....we had snow in abundance every getting used to it we sledged, contemplated buying skis and really did enjoy it...until the year we moved.
David had a promotion to the city....we had to look for a house near to London.
We found one, did all the legal work and got ready for the move. It was February. A removal van was booked...we packed everything into tea chests...we were ready. The day of the move it had snowed during the night.
No van arrived. A call to the removal company revealed that it was stuck in a drift somewhere.
Our house was packed up, as were our clothes. We settled down to wait. There was just enough food for one night. Our beds were dismantled so we slept on mattresses all together on the floor of the only warm room.
It took two days to get us to Essex. We were booked into a hotel for the night waiting for our furniture to catch us up.
During that period we fried....all our clothes were heavy to keep us warm in an ice age.
Essex was subtropical by comparison.
We finally were reunited with our furniture a couple of days later. David went back to work whilst I got everything in place. I liked Essex but any snow there was tame by comparison.
We never used the sledges. I hope the new people enjoyed them...I knew I would never need them in Cornwall!

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Asian panto!

I woke to someone on the radio talking about Christmas. He was clearly a Muslim. He was talking about pantomime with some enthusiasm.
He belonged to a group putting on a show at Christmas and was obviously very happy with it...
It took me back to my time teaching English as a second language in Rochdale with the first wave of Asian immigrants.
Christmas was to begin with, difficult. We were not attempting to convert them but we did need to explain what it was all about so when the man on the radio this morning said Christmas for him was a time of friendship and joy I cheered.
That was just what we had been aiming at..and we were rewarded by some very odd Christmas favourite was addressed to "My dear Grandmother."
One year we did a pantomime.
Goldilocks was chosen and we had no trouble casting three bears but the female roll was difficult. The girls were not willing to take part and we never pushed them so a small very dark boy was happy to oblige.
One of the staff produced a blonde wig and the twelve year old boy looked very strange indeed but he really wanted to do it.
The rehearsals were not easy but the children threw themselves into it .
"Whose been eating my porridge?" was heard throughout the school on the lead up to the last day of term...
The imam was invited and we settled down to a very rough bit of pantomime.
It delighted everybody an introduction to a Christian festival it proved not very alien but went some way towards an explanation....not of the birth of Christ but of the joy of the festive spirit.
Everyone, Christian and Muslim shared that joy. I really hope that some of it lingers ...we certainly need it to.

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