Saturday, 15 July 2017

E mail scamming.

There is a new trend in scamming that has emerged this week. They promise me money.
This mornings mail was from someone who insists that I am in her will and she wants to donate some cash now so would I please send her my details.....
Well..... clearly the previous scams based on scaring us by closing down various accounts...which then don't shut down if I don't oblige them are not working terribly well so now we have a new one....the promise of giving us money.
The phone calls this week are on similar lines......all sorts of grants for old people are available.....all I have to do is send them my details...
I never get to the end of these calls I really don't want to know about free boilers or anything else on offer. I just put the phone down.
The emails this week promising me wealth are a new development.
First they scare us then promise us large sums of money.
All we have to is send them our details by which they mean banking details obviously... I no longer click on any link to check.
Do we all get this stuff or is it just us old people?
Does anyone fall for it? I suppose someone must or it wouldn't keep happening.....
I hate being so suspicious in my old normal trusting soul has given way to not trusting anything I don't know for sure.
I could just have scamming mails in my spam box but I prefer to know what's coming my way....that way I can stay alert...
I hope everyone else is too!

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  1. The problem with being honest is that we resent those who purport to be honest and offering us something for nothing? We are wise enough to know the difference, but my fear is that who might be vulnerable or confused could respond and be robbed as a result. I have thought of giving out the government account details and see how they do with skimming those accounts?

    Bah humbug :)